Women in Mid-Life Transitions Learn How to Design Awesome Next Chapters!

Are you stuck at a crossroads in your life? Feeling empty and unfulfilled, yet longing for more meaning? For Women in a Mid-Life transition this is a very unsettling place to be and it’s difficult to navigate alone. Melanie Fitzpatrick has been there and shares 6 steps to show you how to find that ‘something more’ and create a successful Next Chapter!
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Life Coach and Transformation Expert, Melanie Fitzpatrick

Melanie FitzpatrickMelanie Fitzpatrick, Certified Life Coach and Transformation Specialist, Workshop & Retreat Facilitator. Professional Speaker and Co-Author “Communicating your Personal Brand” in Woman Entrepreneur Extraordinaire. Founder of Live in YOUR Truth™.

Melanie is an igniter of passion and truth! In 2014 she made a bold move to leave a successful corporate sales career where she managed a 15 million dollar portfolio of fortune 500 clients, in order to create a meaningful, mission inspired life. She navigated a successful career re-invention and became a Certified Life Coach, Workshop Leader and Brand Strategist.

Today she combines her extensive Personal Development Training and Business expertise to guide people to live in alignment with their unique gifts, skills and purpose in order to create a meaningful and successful personal and professional life! She works with individuals from all over the U.S. and Canada in her private Coaching practice, engaging Workshops and Retreats.

Melanie Specializes in successful Career Re-inventions, mastering your Mindset, Purpose and Vision discovery and navigating Mid-Life Transitions to create thriving next chapters!

She also hosts “Live in your Truth” Radio podcast. Check out her captivating interviews with successful Women! Subscribe to them on iTunes and at Live In Your Truth Radio Podcast.

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