Beretta’s Advice on Leadership: Maintaining Employee Engagement

Dr. Ann Gatty shares what she has learned about leadership strategies from her Great Dane Therapy Dog, Beretta. Through their work with hospitals and organizations he knows how to connect with people and how organizations need such positive employee engagement.
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Meet Dr. Ann Gatty

Dr. Ann Gatty show hostDr. Ann Gatty is a partner at Strategic People Solutions, a business consulting firm, helping businesses add value-assets to their businesses. For the past twenty years she and her husband, Dr. Gene Gatty, have been providing business leadership strategy, mentoring and HR employment solutions.
Dr. Ann created The Business Sphere of Excellence® a strategic business planning model used to construct annual and long range business plans to help businesses run more efficiently and profitably. Dr. Ann is an expert in understanding and improving the workplace culture which is foundational for implementing any successful strategic initiatives.

In order to better explain the importance of employee engagement, Dr. Ann partners with Beretta, her Great Dane therapy dog to present her key findings.