Using Your Leadership Skills to Handle Sexual Harassment at Work

Sexual harassment policies and trainings are just not working as they were intended to. The best way to make an impact here is by developing and using your own leadership skills. Here are some tips from Beth Caldwell to do just that.
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Meet Speaker and Author, Beth Caldwell


Beth Caldwell show hostReferred to by her clients as “The Provocative Leader”, Beth Caldwell brings a refreshing style to leadership and innovation. A popular author and columnist, she is not afraid to tackle the tough choices that come with being an influential leader. Beth works with companies and organizations to confront conflict, deal with drama, and make important decisions. She has a special gift for tackling old issues that have drained company resources for years. Her presentations, coaching and strategy sessions put companies back on track so that they can enjoy profits, productivity and a positive workplace.
Beth writes business strategy and leadership columns for the Pittsburgh Business Times newspaper and Smart Business magazine, but is best known as the founder of Pittsburgh Professional Women and Leadership Academy for Women. Her books include I Wish I’d Known THAT! Secrets to Success in Business, Inspired Entrepreneurs, EMPOWER, INSPIRE, From Frantic to Focused, and Smart Leadership: 12 Strategies to Help You Shift from Ineffective Boss to Brilliant Leader.
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